12 Jan 2022

Tribute to Jean-Pierre Tourbez, Managing Director of AluK France

Tribute to Jean-Pierre Tourbez, Managing Director of AluK France

It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that we, the AluK France teams and the entire Valfidus Group, pay our humble tribute to Jean-Pierre Tourbez, the Managing Director of AluK France, who passed away on 14 December 2021.

We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to his daughters, his family and his friends, as well as to those who were fortunate enough to have worked by his side and held him in high regard. His colleagues and all those whose lives he touched in the course of his career will remember him as an extraordinary person, full of energy, brilliance, caring, a great listener and, above all, possessing an incredible sense of humour.

Jean-Pierre was a 45-year-old man who loved challenges, had a very hands-on approach and wore many hats. He knew how to bring teams together wherever he went, setting the company on a new course with increasing impetus. Over and above being a leader, he was able to transmit his values and strength to each and every one of his staff. His openness, accessibility and generosity meant that he was greatly appreciated by all, and he ensured that everyone felt at home in the company he had gradually built up.

The field in which he excelled the most was human relations. Jean-Pierre journeyed all over France and the world in order to stay in touch with his profession. His personal qualities left no one indifferent and allowed him to forge solid partnerships based on mutual trust. He had the gift of humility, always remaining highly professional while never taking himself too seriously. Ever-curious and determined, he knew how to put others at ease right off the bat with a little joke or thoughtful comment.

Well done and thank you, Jean-Pierre, your presence is already sorely missed. It is an honour to have been able to work by your side. We are all committed to continuing the mission that you entrusted us with and to completing all the projects that we began together. As you would often say, “Bet you can’t!” and so… it’s game on!

From all of the AluK and Valfidus teams


We are in the process of creating a memorial album. If you would like to contribute, please send us your testimonies and anecdotes along with any photos to the following email address: temoignage.jean-pierre@aluk.com.

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