Dedication to Ongoing Research and Innovation

We are always in the pursuit of “excellence”. We can only achieve this through constant research and innovation. This commitment is what has helped us to deliver cutting-edge aluminium construction elements and systems. We encourage a forward-thinking approach across all areas of our business.


Commitment to Continually Improving Solutions and Services

AluK invests intensively in research and development every year. helping us to deliver advanced aluminium construction systems to meet the needs of architects, contractors, manufacturers, and homeowners.

Our R&D and technical teams consist of 80+ dedicated collaborating partners, distributed around the globe. They collectively provide us with unparalleled know-how, expertise, and vision from around the globe.

Our teams develop aluminium construction systems specifically suited to the various markets in which we operate. This ensures that our solutions deliver top-class service, not only meeting, but exceeding, required industry standards.

In addition to designing high-performance aluminium construction systems, we also develop smart products, digital solutions and services, to support our customers in the digital transformation of our business.

Our Innovation Lab is a global, collaborative AluK Group initiative, designed to encourage a forward-thinking mindset, advanced learning capabilities, and ongoing development across all areas of our business.

This unique initiative has brought together 50 AluK collaborators from across the globe. They collaborate on various topics.

  • In what ways can digital transformation improve the AluK customer experience?
  • How do aluminium windows contribute to the circular economy?
  • What solutions can be developed for smart windows and doors?

Our philosophy that underlines constant research and innovation, allows us to deliver the most extraordinary products and services currently available. As well as future solutions.

Would you like to know more about our collaborative approach? Find out more on our page.

Collaboration IS at the core of everything we do