Blyweert Aluminium joins the group Aluk

22 Jan 2016

On January 14th, 2016, Blyweert Aluminium, a manufacturer of high-end aluminium systems, strongly present on the Belgium market, joined the group AluK.

Founded in 2008, the company's objective is the design and distribution of competitive and high-performance aluminium building systems. Thanks to an experienced and qualified R & D team, AluK Belgium has developed systems that are perfectly suited to its market to meet the most demanding requirements. The launch of the revolutionary b-Quick range is an example of its innovation capacity.

For AluK, the integration of Blyweert Aluminium into the group reinforces its position on the european market. Already present in France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, AluK welcomes a fifth location with Belgium.

By becoming AluK Belgium, Blyweert Aluminium will continue to expand on the Belgian market. The company will benefit from the power of an international group: an increased capacity for investment and innovation and a broader product offering enabling AluK Belgium to strengthen its position on the Belgian market.

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