AluK Benelux invested in a new QUALICOAT Seaside paint line

09 Jul 2021

AluK Benelux recently upgraded the concept of its aluminium profiles pre-treatment to offer its customer a standard Seaside pre-treatment that improves the profiles corrosion resistance and resistance in aggressive environments such as coastal, industrial and urban areas.

Thanks to this technology, AluK Benelux obtained the recognised QUALICOAT Seaside certification, an international quality label for the coating of aluminium.

At AluK Benelux, the aluminium profiles have been powder coated for many years. With the new paint line, the profiles are now pre-treated with a higher etch of at least 2.0 g/m2 compared to the standard 1.0 g/m2. This deeper etch allows to remove more surface contaminants on the aluminium profile and offer both better protection of the surface and better adherence of the powder coating.

The new paint line has been operational since April 2021, allowing AluK Benelux to better answer the demand of the local market and to better serve its customers.

Do you have questions about our new paint line or powder coating process? Please feel free to contact us.

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